What’s this all about?

“She belongs in the kitchen”


Well yes, she does actually, if that’s where she wants to be.

But she also belongs in the boardroom, the lab and the garage. Or maybe the truck, the building site and the stadium. Or perhaps the fire engine, the pulpit and the operating theatre.

See where I’m going with this?

As many of the women who feature on this site say to me, young women need role models, but in many industries the women who work in them are almost invisible.

So I’m going to find them, speak to them and if they’re willing, share their stories.


I’m Cardiff based so most of my content will focus on women working in Wales. However, I’d love people from anywhere to join the conversation.

Please feel free to contribute via the comments, by email or on social media.

I’m always looking for people to speak to so if you know a woman whose story would be suitable for this project, or you have one yourself, please do get in touch!

She belongs in… whatever industry she chooses!



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